PHP Framework

PowerUp is a lightweight PHP framework for front and backend web development. It comes with Composer PSR-4 autoloading and FastRoute's regular expression based routing.

Modular Building

Create, extend or merge HTML blocks into templates with the powerful TWIG rendering engine. Pick and choose from the LESS CSS component library or drop in your own favourite bundles.

Admin Panel

The PowerUp admin panel comes feature rich and you are going to love how easy it is to hook up your data to charts, tables and forms.

Be a Super Hero Coder

Get a running start on your web application projects, by cloning a fresh copy of PowerUp to your devlopment environment.

You will soon be hacking away code at super hero speed - efficient and elegant.

Your Trusty Sidekick

PowerUp is your trusty sidekick - always ready to help you out of tricky situations and offering a wide range of special power moves.

PowerUp has your back, so you can worry about the bigger issues.

”PowerUp is modular and it's components are easily combined and reusable.”

What's in the Box?

A PowerUp license offers the following benefits:

  • Access to the PowerUp GIT repository
  • Future PowerUp updates
  • Community access
  • 2 hrs personal coding support

Personal Coding Support

Get the most out of PowerUp with up to 2 hrs of personal coding support for your developers per month.

This means your project will be backed by the combined force of the best super hero coders.

€ 149,00 per month

Be a hero and PowerUp now!

Get Started with PowerUp

You are fast on your way to achieving super hero status, but first we need to know your real identity.

Sign in with your Google account and you are all set.

PowerUp is developed and maintained by super heroes in Copenhagen

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Available since 2018

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